How can Point of Contact help me learn to hit better? The Point of Contact will help you improve your swing which is the most important factor in hitting. By placing the tee in different spaces, left and right, up and down, you will learn how to hit in all areas of the strike zone. You can practice where to stand, how to stand and how to move to hit to different parts of the field.   Isn’t Point of Contact just a fancy hitting Tee? Point of Contact is a specially designed tool and hitting philosophy that can be a significant factor in your improvement as a hitter. It is the only hitting device that teaches the inside and outside pitch.   So, I buy a Point of Contact hitting tee and my batting average increases? Success and improvement is never easy. The Point of Contact hitting tee is a tool that can help you improve your hitting when it is coupled with a strong commitment, hard work and a good attitude. Point of Contact will help you practice correctly and learn good habits, something you will want to do before learning bad habits. In addition, players develop “muscle memory” and increase bat speed through practicing their swing, which is why many big league players use hitting tees.

Head on over to our FAQ page to get answers to the common questions. The Point of Contact will help any level of skill get comfortable in the batting box. Practicing your swing with the Point of Contact can assist the batting eye while offering a unique opportunity to "zone" in on where you want to hit the ball as well as how you want to hit it.

Point of Contact Practice
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